Buffalo Border Guard


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Border Guard”

  1. Iris Stoffels said:

    My great grandfather James Alfred Rorke served with the Buffalo Border Gaurd & is buried at Rorke’s Drift. We want to hold one of the biggest Rorke Family Reunion’s at Rorke’s Drift and were hoping the Buffalo Border Gaurd could participate in making this a memorable occasion.

  2. Thanks for your comment,
    it’s very interesting to hear from a descendant of one of the Buffalo Border Guard members. To my knowledge was James A. Rorke a Lieutenant of that group. I’m not sure if any reenactment groups exists in your area but I’ll look into the matter.

    This blog is also just a redundant backup site with not much traffic. If you like I can post some words concerning the matter on my main blog http://thinredlinemod.blogspot.com/ where it can be seen by more people.

    best regards

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